We recognize that when it comes to picking a football clinic for you or your staff to attend, you have a lot of options and, most likely, a limited budget from which to make that selection. While many area clinics come with a lot of extra bells and whistles, we keep it simple: our goal has always been to provide our attendees with the very best lecturers at all levels, presenting on topics that are important to our attending coaches. Nothing flashy—just two straight days of football talk with some of the greatest names in the game.



Chet was a college assistant coach for 18 years at Hofstra, Colgate and Harvard, and then had a fifteen year career as a sales rep for Champion Products Inc. For 22 years, he ran Chet O’Neill Associates Inc., a manufacturer’s rep organization, specializing in athletic sales and imprinted/embroidered apparel. His crowning jewel, however, was founding and directing the BNEFC. We owe a huge debt of gratitude to Chet for the tradition he began nearly 50 years of providing coaches with a informative, affordable, and enjoyable clinic where everyone feels like family.

Chet O'Neill
Chet O'Neill1935-2015