Established in 1975 by Chet O’Neill, the Big New England Football Clinic was started with a few basic goals in mind:

1. To provide a clinic focused solely on the sport of football, whereby coaches from all levels teach each other about the game through interactive, topic-specific lectures.
2. To offer a fun, informative and relaxing weekend away for coaches in Newport, Rhode Island before the start of their respective seasons.
3. To allow for networking among coaches and football-specific vendors throughout the New England area and beyond.

In past years, the clinic has attracted as many as 1,000 coaches at the youth, high school and college levels for two days of straight football talk. Despite the location change, The Big New England Football Clinic will continue put football first. We pass along that sentiment to our attendees by providing the very best lecturers at all levels presenting on topics that are important to our attending coaches.

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